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About Torsion & Extension Springs

The primary component in a garage door is the pair of springs that do the heavy-lifting. Each spring has different characteristics based on the weight of the door and the amount of torque required. Two main types of springs are currently in use; torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs twist to generate the torque needed while extension springs rely on stretching. Because of the extreme amount of torque involved, these springs will gradually weaken over time after thousands of opening and closing cycles.

We are experienced and dedicated professionals offering garage door repair services in Florida

We respond to all kinds of emergencies instantly. We provide repairs which give you a flawlessly working garage door. We have affordable rates matching your budget.

Garage Door Opener

Our response is fast when there is need for imminent electric opener repair

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Garage Door Springs

We repair and replace all garage door springs with attention and diligence

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Garage Door Repair

Solutions are given through meticulous electric garage door repair services

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Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining the perfect condition of your garage door takes less energy than you can imagine. Garage Door Repair Coral Springs is ready to share some insight.

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Garage Door Company

Our skilled technicians provide quick and prompt services without delay

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Garage Door Service

We are there when you need immediate garage door repair services

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