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Garage doors are a nice addition to any home. They give you extra storage space, they give you a place to hang out and do crafts, and of course they allow you to park your car out of the harsh weather. But with this comes responsibility. Over time there will be repairs and maybe an installation done to it. This is why you should always turn to our Garage Door Repair in Coral Springs. We do every kind of service regarding garage doors there is. One of these services is springs of garage door. We get a lot of calls for this service because these should not ever be installed or replaced by a homeowner. There are 2 different types of springs. There are:Garage Door Springs

*    Extension springs - Come in one set of two and are for light garage doors.
*    Torsion springs - Come in two sets of two and are for heavy garage doors.
*    Galvanized springs – Can be both extension and torsion and are strongly bonded by a metallic reaction combined by iron and zinc.

Have you ever seen a garage that has a door opener?

They are large and way a lot. This is why we recommend you to have a contractor install these for you. A professional will also be able to match an opener up to your screw drive, chain drive or belt drive.

*    Chain Drive- Most noisy, most common and most inexpensive.
*    Screw Drive- It makes less noise but costs more.
*    Belt Drive- It is exceptionally quiet but costs most.

At our Garage Door Repair in Coral Springs we have openers from Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears’s and Marantec. Additionally we do troubleshooting an opener that you already have.
These are garage door remotes that we have: Multi Code, Clicker, Genie Intellicode or Liftmaster Security  - all top brands.

Garage door adjustment/maintenance is a service that anyone with a garage needs. This service consist of garage door maintenance lubrication, tightening of screws and checking over every part to make sure that it is working properly. We can come out and do this service for you every 3, 6 or 12 months. Yes, you could do this yourself but do you really know what to look for to see if the parts are working as they should.

Garage door installation/replacement services involve installing a new garage door to your new garage or replacing an old one for a new one. We have a great choice of garage doors made of wood, Craftsman, steel and aluminum. Doors made of glass are quite popular. It is because that they give a modern looking. These doors also allow sunlight in is also liked by the customers.  Some may worry that this might not be able to keep privacy but we proper coating can solve that issue as well. You can have us to install these for you.

Repair of garage doors is a big part of our business. Like other things, over time parts of garage door will require repairing. Door of the garage went off track, Section of garage door needs replacement, broken emergency release, Rubber at the bottom of the garage door or Weather Strip  are common problems to experience. If you face these, just call us and we will repair them in no time.

Have you seen these issues with cables & tracks of the garage door? Cable loose Cable Snapped, Broken cable, Cable of the door dispatched from the drum, Repair garage door track that has been bent and Replace garage track. Tracks & Cables are made so that they endure for a long time but just like other things, they can break down over time. Make sure you repair or install them by a professional.

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