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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage doors get worn out after a lot of use. They go through several cycles of shutting and opening each day. This can cause their parts to get clumsier after each cycle. However, the careful owners that make sure they maintain the condition of every single detail will get rewarded by a longer serving door. The easiest way for them to do it is by hiring professional services that usually provide a cheap check up in such non-emergency situations.Garage Door Maintenance in Florida

Reverse Mechanism Types

Garage doors exert huge forces and have been the source for many injuries. Their victim could also become home pets or any objects in their path. This is why the US federal law requires that garage door openers have an automatic reverse mechanism. At the bottom of the door you can find either photoelectric sensors or an electric safety edge. They both ensure that the door movement reverses if there is something in its path.

Checking the Reverse Mechanism

Before the mechanism is checked, you need to ensure that everything else is working fine. Door tracks are not off and are in no way damaged. Also, there shouldn’t be any unusual noise coming out of the door when it is being closed or opened. If everything else is in order then you can place a worthless object on the door path. As the door gets close to the object, it should reverse immediately and start opening. If this doesn’t happen, there is a good chance that your safety is in danger.

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