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Do you want to learn more about openers and garage door parts? Below you will find answers to common questions

To make sure your garage door’s opener is working properly, take a look at our informative FAQ section below for answers to many of today’s most common questions by our team of experts.

  • Is it easy to assemble a garage door?

    It's very hard to assemble garage doors. Despite of the type of door, the moment when it must be assembled before installation is crucial and you must be meticulous. If something is done the wrong way, the door won't be installed or move correctly. Our specialists know from experience that it requires great attention.

  • Why won't the opener light turn off?

    Reset the light control so that the light will remain on for fewer minutes. Keep in mind that there are also safety lights. If the garage door is open and you come and go to get in the groceries, the safety lights won't come off.

  • What should I do if rust has already formed on my garage door?

    Rust removal is easy to perform. If you find spots on your garage door that have begun to form rust, take action right away, especially if they are found on the moving parts. Rust eats through the metal and may cause major damage, according to our experts.

  • Why is my door opening only a few inches wide?

    If your garage door refuses to open more than a few inches, the problem probably lies with its springs. They may be broken, and may need to be replaced. You can tell by the gap in the spring when you inspect it.

  • How should wooden doors be maintained?

    In order to keep your wooden garage doors looking great, have it painted from the outside going inside. This helps a lot to keep it from chipping and scratching. Experts in Coral Springs say that wooden doors are sensitive and they need proper protection. 

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